Koder supports ftp connection, dropbox, WebDav, and also local ipad document, where you can upload files to your ipad easly through Desktop Browser Uploader. All remote connections are integrated with an intuitive File Manager that make it easier to explore files / folder structures quickly

How to Create a New Remote Connection

You can connect to any remote connections (FTP/SFTP/FTPS/FTPES, dropbox, WebDav) by creating a new Connection.

Clik the "New" button located at the bottom left of application and then fill the connection credentials (username, password, etc)

Note :


How to Modify Connection / Connection Settings

You can change it by swiping left the connection name, tap "Manage" button and then Settings field will be showed


How to upload files from your Mac / PC to Koder using Desktop Browser Uploader

You can access (download or upload) any files in local Koder connection from external computer, by accessing IP Address that showed on the Local Files access setting, via web browser.

Note : Please make sure you have enabled the "Enable Local Files Setting" before it.

Video : How to upload files from your Mac / PC to Koder using Desktop Browser Uploader


How to to use iTunes File Sharing to upload your files to Koder

Connect the your iOS device to MacBook/PC/Notebook with Apple USB cable, then open iTunes app in the MacBook/PC/Notebook.
Click your device name from the iTunes sidebar then scroll the right page until you find 'File Sharing' section.

Click "Koder" in the apps list and then click the "Add" button at the bottom right of page.

Choose your files and then click the Add button to upload the files.

Once the files are uploaded, go to your iOS device and open Koder.

Tap the "iTunes File Sharing" button in the bottom bar then you will see the files you have uploaded before are now listed on the dialog modal.

Choose / select the files by tapping on the file checkbox (you can also tap the "List Action" button on the bottom right of page, to perform a batch action such as Select All / Deselect All or to Remove Items)

Tap the "Next" button. In the step 2 you will be asked to choose your destination.

If you are uploading SSH keys files, choose "FTP key", if it's not, then choose "Connection". Tap the "Next" button again and follow the rest instructions.

You can also upload SSH Keys using Desktop File Uploader. You just need to upload your SSH Keys to FTP Key folder